Not your usual gua bāo

kushiyaki inspired series

In this Kushiyaki inspired series, we continue to innovate and elevate the bao experience


Combining Japanese culture and the Malaysian palate with our signature robust flavours, allowus to present you 6 different type of Kushiyaki with a blend of textures and flavours

Lamb, Rosemary & Mint Jelly, Pickled Ginger

Zucchini, Truffle Pate, Bonito flakes

Salmon Belly & Chicken Breast, Ume, Yuzu Kabayaki

Prawn, Geragao, English Parsley, Green Sauce

Chicken Thigh, Tangy Wasabi, Kesom Leaf dressing

Hotate, Cherry Tomato, Garlic Thyme sauce

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It tasted so good!! Even without the sauce! And clearly one box isn’t enough! 😅

Danny Gan

They were really yuuuummmms! Thank you ^^ I enjoyed all of them!

Elizabeth Lee

They were SO GOOD. I am in shock. Still can’t believe how amazing they are tbh!

Christine Wong

It’s excellent something new to myself n family. We like it.


My friend received it! She loves the scent. And she says that the bao looks very pretty. And taste damn good too


Omg I really love the aesthetics of it. So pretty! It’s impressive love the packaging as well. Thanks so much for this effort


It was great! My wife love it so much. The design is just wow! Thanks for your great service as well.


It’s very nice, good flavour as well as have so many choice per box, it also has a very good taste